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This is the retirement capital built up under the occupational pension scheme (2nd pillar – BVG), which includes the savings contributions paid by you and your employer, any buy-outs and the interest earned. As long as you remain an employee, the pension fund is managed by your employer.

You will have to worry about your vested benefits in the following cases :

  • Change of employer (if the vested benefits are too high and cannot be fully absorbed by the new pension fund) ;
  • Termination of employment without reaching retirement age ;
  • Reduction in working hours (if the salary no longer meets the entry threshold for 2nd pillar insurance) ;
  • Unemployment ;
  • Divorce.

As these assets are to be used for retirement provision, they must be transferred to your new employer’s pension fund or to a vested benefits institution (insurance, bank or foundation).

There are many options for investing your vested benefits, and each institution has its own characteristics. All that remains to be done is to determine which type of investment best suits your profile (determined according to your investment horizon, your propensity for risk and your future projects), without forgetting to carry out a pension analysis in order to determine your possible need to cover the risks (disability and death) that are no longer covered!

In general, you are given 6 months to make your decision. During this period, your assets will remain with your current pension fund, which will continue to manage them, without coverage for disability and death. If you do not make a decision, your assets will automatically be transferred to the state suppletive institution, which is not ideal.

Our experts will give you the benefit of a real mastery of the subject and will direct you towards the provider adapted to your situation and your specific needs, in particular :

  • Study of the possibility of splitting
  • Analysis of the need for disability / death benefits
  • Optimisation of investments with an advisor and/or asset manager
  • Optimisation of taxation on the withdrawal of capital
  • Research into your existing vested benefits